Enjoying the Aeron

My Aeron was finally delivered last Friday. 😎

I think it was worth the extra wait to get the colors and specs I wanted, I should have this chair for a long time. I’m quite enjoying the breathability and better fit compared to my old chair. My only caveat is that my most comfortable sitting position is somewhere between the forward pitch and the locked (no forward pitch) position. This will be solved tomorrow when my foot rest arroves to raise my feet slightly to create a comfortable, slightly pitched back position.

I’d planned to get this foot rest, but I don’t plan to go downtown this week and the Relax the Back store’s stated fulfillment times leave a lot to be desired. Instead of ordered this one from Office Max, along with a couple much needed power strips1.

If you’re looking for Herman Miller products in the Denver area, I heartily recommend asking for sales rep Marc Gellman. He did a great job helping me decide which model I wanted, and was pro-active as I waited for delivery; touching base with me to give me status updates. When there was a problem with the delivery company, he helped take care of that as well.

  1. I’ll use these in my office and move the current office ones elsewhere in the house. 11 outlets each! [back]