JavaScript Quicktags 1.2

I’ve released a new version of my JavaScript Quicktags. I’ve been using this version for a while now, just hadn’t gotten around to packaging it up for release.

This version has a few changes:

  • A few additional tags, including an “External Link” tag that adds rel=”external” to the A tag. This can be used to open these links in a new window or treat them in some other way.
  • Tags for my footnotes implementation.
  • A “base” set of tags are shown by default and an “extended” set of tags are shown by request. A cookie is used to remember this choice.
  • Added accesskeys to many of the tags (great with today’s Camino nightly build).

JavaScript Quicktags v. 1.2: Info and Demo | Download

If you want to use these for WordPress, rename the JavaScript file to ‘quicktags.js’ and put it in your ‘wp-admin’ directory (replacing the existing file).