On Sunday morning I started feeling a little dizzy while I was golfing with a buddy of mine. The mild dizziness continued through the BBQ we hosted and into yesterday morning, then got much worse yesterday. Late in the afternoon, the dizziness was so bad that I suffered a reversal of fortune.

While I’m not 100% sure what caused this, I’m pretty sure it was a bad reaction to Claritin. I took the first pill Saturday night on the way back from Vail, then another Monday morning (since I hadn’t connected the dizziness w/ the drug yet). Once the dizziness got worse, a quick search turned up dizziness as a known side-effect of Claritin.

Thankfully this morning, the dizziness is mostly gone almost manageable… anyone want a mostly-unused box of Claritin?

UPDATE: Seems I was a little optimistic – back to bed for me.