Tasks Pro™ 1.5.2 and Tasks 2.5.2 Released

I’ve released new versions of Tasks Pro™ and Tasks. These are maintenence releases and recommended upgrades for all customers.

Changes in both Tasks Pro™ and Tasks:

  • The “delete task and attach sub-tasks to the parent task” option did not work properly.

Changes in Tasks Pro™:

  • Recurring tasks no longer lose their groups.
  • Fixed an undefined JS variable error in popup windows.
  • The groups list in the list edit form didn’t respect the ‘users can only see groups they are part of’ option (always hid groups they were not members of)
  • Prompt to inherit groups on any parent ID change (if preference enabled).
  • Run input validation checks when using keyboard shortcut to save.

Changes in Tasks:

  • Fix for a security flaw in the 401 authentication for the Tasks RSS feeds and iCalendars. All Tasks customers are strongly urged to upgrade for this reason. Note: This fix has been applied to Use Tasks accounts and free trials.
  • Task template editing page title was ‘Tasks Pro&trade’ instead of Tasks.

As usual, all downloads are available by logging in on the King Design download page.

The demos have been updated to the new releases, and new free trials are created with the new versions.

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