Popularity Contest 1.1

I’ve released version 1.1 of my Popularity Contest plugin1 for WordPress.

There is only one real change in this version, but it’s a handy one. You can now recount your comments and trackbacks at the push of a button (or load of a URL). This is handy for resetting popularity values if you’ve gotten comment or trackback spam, or if you’ve decided to wholesale axe some comments for whatever reason.

Unfortunately, this is necessary in WP 1.5.x because the plugin hooks don’t pass along the needed information for me to do these updates in the background. I’m guessing this will likely be resolved in WP 1.6 and since my code is already in place to work with the data when it is available, it should hopefully just start working at some point and render this “recount” button useless.

The README is updated with the instructions on how to use the new feature.

Please use this support thread to report any problems or ask questions.

  1. Should I call it my “award winning” plugin? 😉 [back]

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