Parent Task Displayed in Lists

I haven’t talked much about Tasks Pro™ 1.6 development lately, but it’s been coming along quite nicely. I’ve basically finished the main new feature for 1.61 and I’ve been making a few little tweaks here and there as well.

One change I put in today is to display the title (with a link) to the parent task if one exists in all list views. There was already an option to show the full hierarchy, but it required extra queries and hurt overall system performance – not an ideal trade off.

In addition, the e-mail notifications, RSS feeds and iCalendars also include the title of the task parent (instead of just the ID in the case of the RSS feeds). More meaningful information is a good thing.

It’s mainly just all the database abstraction testing holding up a beta release now.

  1. No, I’m not announcing it just yet. 😉 [back]

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