Can’t Sign Up at Blinksale

On Friday I tried to sign up for Blinksale. I have a working-but-clumsy way of handling invoicing and I’d certainly pay $6/month for a better solution. Unfortunately, though I tried to sign up, I couldn’t. Instead I got this error:

Card Number and/or payment information was invalid.:

I’ve double and triple checked the information I’m registering with; tried adding and removing spaces in the credit card number – no dice. I e-mailed them on Friday since I couldn’t find any forums or FAQs, but haven’t had a response yet.

It seems they’ve had some downtime issues, but I can’t find mention of a “can’t sign up” problem.

Anyone know these guys? I’d be happy to give them my information to help them fix whatever the problem is – it looks like a really nice service.

Of course, if it doesn’t “work” to let you sign up, that builds concern about the rest of the service’s functionality. I could also look at something more established like Billing Orchard1.

  1. I wonder if the “Orchard” name was inspired by “Peach Tree”. [back]