2000 Songs Rated

I’ve been rating songs using an “unrated” smart playlist on my iPod since I got it. So far, I’ve gotten through a little over 2000 songs and have ~800 to go.

Now that I have all this data, I want to see some stats on it. I’d installed an old version of Goombah at one point, but recent installs had resulted in crashing. Tonight, I downloaded it again and, before launching, trashed any relevant data I could find. That seemed to work, and I’ve got it up and running again.

The thing Goombah seems to want to do most is find musical neighbors for me, but what I’m most interested in is things like:

  • What artists have the higest average song ranking?
  • What about a highest average rank with a weight modifier based on total number of songs rated for that artist?
  • What artists should I purge entirely since I’ve never rated any of their songs at even 3 stars?

Maybe I should just dump my iTunes library into MySQL and run some queries…