HTML-only E-mail

I got a report from one of my Tasks Pro™ beta users that the tasks created from e-mails were containing a bunch of HTML when the e-mail was sent in HTML format. My testing indicates that when an HTML e-mail that includes a plain text version, Tasks Pro™ correctly grabs the plain text version and puts that in the notes field. I’m guessing that the problem e-mails are HTML formatted and don’t include a plain text version.

I’m tempted to rant about why HTML e-mail in general is such a bad thing, and why HTML e-mail without a plain text version is just evil, evil, EVIL! But I’ll resist.

Instead, I’ll ask if someone can tell me how I can create an HTML-only e-mail. I’ve tried with Thunderbird and to no avail. I’m not willing to install Outlook or Outlook Express, so please don’t go there either. 🙂

If it’s easy to identify these e-mails, I’ll throw a strip_tags() call in there as a :scare: fix :/scare: for this mess.

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