Tasks Pro™ 1.6 beta 3

I’ve released Tasks Pro™ version 1.6 beta 3. This version fixes bugs reported in beta 2 and adds a few small features.

  • Added a new ‘dark’ theme.
  • Added the ability to check with taskspro.com for a new release on login (if the user has permission to configure server options).
  • Remove HTML tags from HTML only e-mails when creating tasks from e-mails.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Priority value not to be displayed in the daily e-mail reminders.
  • Fixed a bug to allow the ‘Duplicate Template’ button work on the Template Edit screen.

Reminder: Tasks Pro™ 1.6 will be a free upgrade to all Tasks Pro™ 1.5 customers and this beta release can be downloaded here.

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