Moleskine Reality

Now that I’ve had my Moleskine notebook for a little while (and have actually carried it with me and used it too), I’m finding that it’s quite a niche player in my organization toolset.

I have trouble organizing information in it: when to start new pages, when to leave space for future notes on a topic, how to find information I’ve entered, etc. Basically, I use it when a digital device isn’t suitable, then transfer the data to Tasks Pro™ as soon as possible so the information is searchable.

This doesn’t seem like an ideal usage to me, but Jason and Scott confirm that they use their Moleskines the same way.

Sorry hipster PDA folks, your tool just isn’t for me. I guess I’ve been digital too long.

I’m intrigued by the Logitech digital pens, but there isn’t a Mac version1 and I know better than to depend on a tool that isn’t cross-platform.

Ironically, my old Newton would be almost ideal in most of the situations I use the Moleskine in. I hope the Einstein project continues to progress well.

  1. As a friend of mine said, “If there was a Mac version, it would probably work better.” [back]