Losing the Inbox Battle

While lunching with Steve last week, we talked briefly about information consumption, information overload and how people feel they are losing the battle to keep control of their Inbox and feed reader.

A few months back, I managed to get my Inbox down to about 25 items. Since then, it’s ballooned right back to the ~80-100 range or so. I have more and more left unread in FeedLounge too.

My new e-mail policy has generally been a success1. However with my every day workload, I still have more incoming e-mails that need action than I can resolve and reply to – hence the backlog. I guess this is one reason that GTD has so much traction, people feel like they have too much to do these days.

Though as someone who is self-employed, I guess too busy is better than the alternative. 😉

  1. At least as far as I’m concerned, I’ve heard little negative from visitors but likely there are some that don’t like it much. [back]