Untested WordPress Theme Reviews

A month and a half ago, I put up a group of untested WordPress themes hoping that people would help review them (so they could be added to the theme browser and main theme list). So far, only one person (thanks Trevor!) has reviewed any of the themes1.

While I know it takes a bit of time to review each theme2, I’m a bit disspointed that more themes haven’t been reviewed. If you or someone you know is a competent PHP programmer and use WordPress, consider taking 20 minutes to review a theme as a way of giving back to the community.

  1. As a result, a few were removed and a few were added to the ‘final review’ list. [back]
  2. Trust me, I know. I reviewed the 135 that are currently in the theme browser (and many of those multiple times as the authors kept sending in new versions). [back]