Lights, Blinds and PowerMacs – oh my!

Yesterday the blinds for the basement windows came in and the painter finished spraying the base color for the house. I was able to knock a few things off my list last night:

  1. Replace the outside light fixtures (no more brass!)
  2. Install the blinds in the three downstairs windows
  3. Replace the brass peep-hole in the front door with one that has a nickel finish.
  4. Replace the ugly plastic doorbell with one that has a nice metal face.

Progress! Having the blinds makes the rooms feel a lot more “finished” – no more staring at the concrete window wells. 3 Day Blinds delivered a quality product; of course it took nearly two weeks to get the darn things, but they fit great.

I have bit of a compulsive problem with lists – as soon as I finish one thing, the next thing on the list becomes my “must do” event. This tends to work well when I’m creating software because I never leave a feature half-complete; the unfinished details niggle at me. However, when waiting on others, I really should do a better job letting this stuff go.

And an excellent bit of news today – the 2.5ghz quad-core PowerMac G5’s were finally released. The price went up a bit, but the price of the 30″ Cinema Display dropped so they basically offset each other. 🙂 I’m getting my order in today – I hope.