I’ve spent a few days last week and this weekend merging the Tasks 2.5.2 code with the current Tasks Pro™ 1.6 beta code in preparation to release a beta version of Tasks 2.6. This will have all the new features that Tasks Pro™ 1.6 introduces (create tasks from e-mails, unofficial support for PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server, etc.). As I did with the .5 versions, I plan to release the .6 versions of Tasks Pro™ and Tasks at the same time.

A merge this big (~43,000 lines of code) is a real headache – oh how I wish there was a Mac version of Araxis Merge. I considered doing this on the PC over Remote Desktop (so I’d have a full keyboard/mouse/screen/etc.) but ended up using BBEdit’s merge tool instead. BBEdit’s tool isn’t bad – in fact it one of the best I’ve used; but Araxis is better.

As part of the merge, I created a branch of the Tasks Pro™ code to be used as the new main codeline for Tasks. I’d been maintaining separate SVN repositories for the two programs which made it difficult to commit a single patch to both products. I believe this will make things easier in the long run.

This is the 3rd time I’ve done a complete port from Tasks Pro™ to Tasks. The first was the original creation of Tasks 2.0, the second was for Tasks 2.5 and this time for Tasks 2.6. I hadn’t expected to do the port again until Tasks 3.0, but when the move to ADOdb was sponsored and moved up in the schedule it touched so much code that porting it over again made the most sense. Hopefully having the two products on a shared codeline will eliminate the need for future ports.

I’ve got some more testing to do before I’m ready to release a beta of Tasks 2.6 (especially testing the upgrade script), but it’s getting close. 🙂

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