Tasks Pro™ 1.6b4 and Tasks 2.6b1

I’ve released Tasks Pro™ 1.6 beta 4 and Tasks 2.6 beta 1. These releases brings a few minor changes in Tasks Pro™ and adds the new features for the .6 release (create tasks from e-mails, unofficial support for PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server) to Tasks.

Changes since Tasks Pro™ 1.6 beta 3:

  • Updated documentation, each distributed documentation page will now check to make sure it is the latest version automatically.
  • The check for a new version at login now runs once every 7 days.
  • URLs attached to tasks are properly encoded for display.
  • The timer is automatically stopped for sub-tasks when the parent task is marked complete.

Note to Tasks users – this new version has a different database.inc.php file format so you cannot keep your database.inc.php file from a previous release (this is noted in the upgrade documentation). Also, while this version has been tested, it has major sweeping changes and most certainly will have a few bugs in it. Make sure you back up your data before upgrading.

Please report bugs in the forums or to the beta mailing lists, thanks.

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