Tech Cliff Notes

Wouldn’t it be great if someone created a ‘Cliff Notes’1 site for daily tech news? A one ot two sentance summary for everything with buzz – hit the important points and move on. I’m getting too busy to follow all the news sites I have in the past, so I want my information more condensed.

At lunch on Friday, I learned that the reason people were so excited about the Canon 5D was because of the full-frame sensor. I’d seen a bunch of posts about the 5D, but camera posts are ripe with detailed information and I hadn’t bothered to read them because I didn’t have time to delve deeply.

I wish there had been a summary like this:

Canon today released the 5D, a new digital SLR. People are excited about it because it has a full size sensor (no crop like most DSLRs) and is priced at $3300 and previous full size sensor DSLRs cost $5000-7000.

A summary of the PowerMac G5 Quad would have looked something like this:

Apple announced a dual-core, dual-processor 2.5ghz PowerMac G5 that they are calling the ‘Quad’. It is expected to run 70+% faster than the previous top of the line PowerMac G5 and is also expected to be the last PowerPC based PowerMac.

Each post could link to popular news sites for more in-depth information. Perhaps even create a few different “channels” or better yet, tag each post and publish RSS of the tags. A group of editors would review their favorite sources and add the summaries.

What do you think, would you use a site/service like this? Perhaps there is one already that I just don’t know about?

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