Tasks Pro™ 1.6b5 and Tasks 2.6b2

I’ve released Tasks Pro™ 1.6 beta 5 and Tasks 2.6 beta 2. These releases fix bugs found and reported in the previous beta versions. These should be pretty stable – I expect the next releases to be release candidates.

Changes in both Tasks Pro™ and Tasks:

  • Changed the upgrade script so that it works with MySQL 4.1
  • Upgraded the included PHP iCalendar to version 2.1
  • Unmark tasks as favorites when they are completed and not sticky
  • Server check script properly checks for required mail functionality

Changes in Tasks Pro™:

  • Adding a group with no users works properly
  • Added better exception handling around the inheritance of task groups when changing the parent task

Changes in Tasks:

  • iCalendar works properly
  • Recurring task activation works properly
  • Mailbox creation and admin screens working

Please report bugs in the forums or to the beta mailing lists, thanks.

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