Recommending Dennis Tuttle, Denver House Painter

The first thing we did after buying our house last year was paint the interior. As I mentioned at the time, we were very pleased with the work done by our painter – Dennis Tuttle of Color Change Painting. Since we knew he did a good job, we brought Dennis back to paint the interior of our basement when we finished it this fall.

While Dennis was working on the basement, we were getting a car ready to sell. It turned out that Dennis was looking for a used car in good condition, and we ended up bartering the car for a new paint job for the exterior of the house.

We had planned to paint the exterior in the spring or summer anyway, so the timing was pretty good. The previous paint job had been done in 1999, and I know the importance of painting the exterior before it gets too bad (from painting exteriors one summer in school – scraping and sanding is no fun).

Anyway, the point of this post is to recommend Dennis Tuttle, who has now painted both the interior and exterior of our house and done a great job for us. If you need some painting done in the Denver, CO area – I highly recommend him.

Dennis Tuttle, Color Change Painting: 720-366-4843