Installing Software, Migrating Data

I made a list of all the software I’m installing on my Quad (it was a checklist initially, but I thought it might be interesting to publish). Sorry, I’m not including links – too many to locate and paste in; use your favorite search engine. A lot of this stuff is also linked on my must-have software page (which probably needs updating) already:

  • LaunchBar – if you haven’t tried this out – you owe it to yourself. Windows users, try AppRocket.
  • Path Finder – the excellent file management tool I wrote about recently
  • Camino – my default browser
  • Firefox – my development browser
  • BBEdit – my main text editor
  • R-Name – bulk file rename utility
  • .DS_Store Cleaner – utility to delete.DS_Store files
  • LineBreak – utility to convert line breaks to/from Mac, Win, Unix
  • Adium – multi-chat client, switched the theme to minimal_mod, which I quite like.
  • iTerm – tabbed terminal windows
  • Transmit – FTP client
  • Gmail Status – monitoring my junk mail
  • Menu Meters – what good is power if you can’t watch it work?
  • MenuCalendarClock – I like having the date in the menubar
  • MailTemplate – I’m starting to build a nice library of auto-replies
  • NetNewsWire – mainly for use in troubleshooting issues w/ FeedLounge (is it a feed reader issue or a feed issue)
  • Fink – package manager – I decided against DarwinPorts at this time
  • Subversion client – using Fink I got this:

    Setting up daemonic (20010902-2) …
    Failed: This package must be compiled with GCC 4.0.0, but you currently have
    GCC 4.0.1 selected. To correct this problem, run the command:

    I don’t care enough to find the version to update, so I just used the binary

  • Mousepose – Shows the mouse location; I’d uninstalled this a while back, but now I really need it
  • MySQL 5 – database engine for local databases and development. I’ve got 4.0x running on the PowerBook. I was surprised by how easy the install is now.
  • PHP 4 – web scripting engine.
  • PHP 5 – web scripting engine.
  • phpMyAdmin – GUI for MySQL administration
  • PostgreSQL – database engine for development and testing
  • Photoshop – photo editing, icon creation
  • Illustrator – logo creation
  • Microsoft Office X – I use Excel a bit
  • skEdit – I really never use this.
  • TextMate – ditto
  • SubEthaEdit – I hardly use it, but when I do it’s nice.
  • Synergy (the iTunes controller)
  • Zippist – utility for creating compatible .zip archives
  • Palm Desktop – it’s ridiculous that this requires a reboot.

Data migrated:

  • Mail settings – no need to re-enter all that account info.
  • Bookmarks – must have.
  • BBEdit Prefs
  • Address Book data
  • iCalendars
  • Transmit bookmarks
  • Adium accounts and chat logs
  • Automator workflows
  • Digital photos
  • /etc/hosts entries
  • httpd.conf virtual servers
  • MailTemplate data
  • Documents folder
  • Keychain – all my saved passwords.
  • ssh keys
  • Photos database
  • Photoshop actions

Stuff I didn’t need to migrate because I’ve centralized it (I should work on making this list longer):

  • E-mail – IMAP is my friend.
  • Source code via Subversion.
  • Billing information, thanks to Vebio.
  • Feed reader – FeedLounge, yo!

Stuff I should probably install at some point:

  • Skype
  • Open Office
  • Gimp for OS X (photoshop clone version)
  • Opera – for testing

The comments are open if you’ve got recommendations.