WP Spaminator can Bite Me

The golden rule of comment spam tools should be:

First and foremost, do not interrupt legitimate conversations.

I tried to leave this comment:

It isn’t supposed to make marketing sense, it’s supposed to make logical sense. We can’t offer the service period if we can’t cover the costs. 🙂

on this post.

and received this result:

Sorry, you’ve been prevented from commenting on this blog.

Either your comment content was found to contain spam, or
your IP address (or a subnet of your IP address) has spammed this blog before.

If you think you got this page in error, your entered name might be too short.

You can also complain to wp.spaminator@gmail.com. View source to see why you got blocked.

Strike count: 6

from the source – blocked because: bad referer – spambot?, excessive links

I filled in a real name, e-mail address and web site URL. I filled out the form on the page as provided to me. I’m this close to thinking that captchas are a good idea.