An Uber Comment Feed

Steve and I were discussing yesterday’s conversation about scalability over dinner last night. He’d seen a few responses that I’d missed (mainly in the comments) and vice-versa.

Subscribing to RSS feeds for comments on an individual post is a handy way to keep track of these conversations, but subscribing to each RSS feed is a bit awkward1. One semi-solution I thought of was using a feed mashup service to create an uber comment feed of sorts. Of course, you then have to maintain that uber feed, but I’m trying it out anyway.

I tried using FeedJumbler to create the combined feed but it doesn’t seem to allow me to maintain the combined feed (add and remove items from it). Blogdigger Groups looks like a better solution, but my mashup feed from Blogdigger doesn’t have any items in it yet. Being able to add a feed to the mashup via bookmarklet would be handy too (that looks “hackable” for Blogdigger).

Perhaps I’m overthinking this and I should just subscribe directly to the comment feeds themselves, but for some reason I like the idea of putting them all together (pre-aggregating them, if you will)2.


  1. Geof has been thinking about this quite a bit. [back]
  2. I’m also considering doing this for feeds from folks like Geof who have a half-dozen different blogs, each with their own feeds. [back]