Virtual Desktops

In the comments of my post listing my install process, Bill recommended Desktop Manager for virtual desktops on OS X. This got me thinking about using virtual desktops on my PowerBook again. I’ve tried this a few times, but never stuck with it.

Here are some of the virtual desktop apps I’ve tried over the years:

Space hasn’t been updated for years – it works, but it’s very basic. I’d tried CodeTek in the past, but never really liked it that much. I tried Desktop Manager since that was what Bill was recommending, but I had a little trouble downloaded it and ran across You Control:Desktops while I was trying to find it. Bill was kind enough to send me Desktop Manager, but I’m back on YCD.

YCD has a feature that the other desktop managers don’t seem to have – when you do something that activates an application (click the app icon in the dock, open a URL, etc.) that is on another desktop, it switches desktops instead of bringing that app into the current desktop. This is a huge feature for me – it lets me keep my desktops organized by app without having to constantly move windows back to the desktop I want them to stay in.

I’m not entirely sure I’m going to stick with virtual desktops – period, but if I do I think it will be YCD.