Must-Have Software

I am very dependent on these wonderful software packages, my kudos to their developers.

Mac Software

Launch applications, bookmarks, view phone numbers, activate songs in iTunes – all with just a few keystrokes. There have been some LaunchBar clones released recently, but the original is still the best. I’m a registered user.
Path Finder
This is the Finder for power users – it’s a better mousetrap, period. I’m a registered user.
Simply the best text editor I’ve ever used. I use it for most of my development. Registered user since version 4.x

Get Camino!

This has been my main browser for the last few years. Safari is nice, but it doesn’t have the maturity of a Gecko based browser.

You’ve got to be using RSS these days and this is only RSS reader I’ve liked enough to stick with. It does its job and stays out of your way.
A free open-source multi-protocol Instant Messenger client that actually works.
Great “post to” client (make sure to install the bookmarklet). I purchased.
The killer app for Twitter.
iStat Menus
This utility shows you CPU usage, disk activity and network traffic in the menu bar with very handy menus off each display. Also has a great menubar calendar I donated.
The best Mac backup tool out there – I rely on this.
A beautifully implemented multi-clipboard system.
Keyboard-only message filing in My review.
DS_Store Cleaner
I use this to get rid of those .DS_Store files before packaging up my software releases. I donated.
This util makes iTunes a ubiquitous part of your Mac computing experience. It’s how iTunes should have worked in the first place. I’m a registered user.
The best batch file rename utility I’ve found.
Create Zip files without compatibility issues.

Windows Software

When I’m on a PC and need to do some development, I want to be using a copy of UltraEdit. I’m a registered user.

Get Firefox!

The only browser to use on Windows.

Search & Replace
This is a fantastic search and replace utility. Highly recommended.
A free open-source multi-protocol Instant Messenger client with tabbed chat windows that actually works.
A free open-source FTP client that is by far the best I’ve found for Windows.
Bulk Rename Utility
The best file rename utility I’ve found for Windows.