2005 in Review

I’ve been working hard on stuff for the upcoming FeedLounge launch all weekend, so I haven’t found time to write up the kind of year-end recaps I’ve enjoyed reading on other blogs I frequent. I’ll try to hit the highlights though, it’s been quite a year:

And, for you statheads out there, some random blog and site stats.

  • 457 blog posts, down from 538 in 2004
  • 2436 comments (437 mine), up from 2159 (486 mine) in 2004
  • Avg post length 1457 characters, up from a 1210 character post length in 2004
  • Total post length 665849 characters, up from 650980 in 2004
  • ~4.8 million visits to alexking.org in 2005

It’s been quite a year!

  1. When you’re logging 40-80 hours of seat time/week, this is a big deal. 🙂 [back]
  2. With footnotes! [back]

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