Went to MacWorld this afternoon, after attending Jason’s lunch. Chatting with the folks at the lunch was definitely a bit more interesting than the show itself. I guess I really wasn’t looking forward to the announcements as much this time since I’m pretty well set on the hardware side. 🙂

The MacBook Pro is pretty much what I expected. The biggest hole in Apple’s product offerings was the lack of a high-end portable. I’m guessing the 17″ model probably won’t be available before September or so – which matches my original estimate – I feel like I made the right decision going with the Quad.

Since I got a chance to meet Buzz yesterday, I downloaded Cocoalicious and played around with it a little bit today. Pretty darn slick, I can see why people like it so much.

I’m looking forward to Niall’s dinner tomorrow night, but will probably skip MacWorld the rest of the week in favor of last minute development time for FeedLounge.