What the…

This afternoon my Quad went to a blue screen with only a spinner. I hard powered off and when I brought it back it was fine for about 10 minutes before it started hanging on me and not responding. I’ve got it powered off again now, maybe I need to pull the 3rd party RAM and see if that has any effect? I’m worried it could be a hard drive problem – time to do another carbon copy clone. I was really enjoying being back on the Quad after a week on the PowerBook – I need to get this solved in a hurry.

At the same time, my TiVo has started misbehaving. The playback gets jerky and the TiVo won’t respond to any input – I have to unplug it. When it comes back, everything is “fine”, though that only lasted 30 minutes this last time before I had to unplug it again. I have about 3 weeks of shows saved up since I didn’t have time to watch anything leading up to the FeedLounge launch – unfortunately, this sounds like it could be a hard drive problem.

Argh – I don’t have time for this crap right now!