I get a number of e-mails from folks asking me to mention a product or project here on my blog. I generally don’t post these unless I find them interesting or thought provoking.

Last week I got an e-mail from MailJedi, an e-mail service that “focuses on privacy”. I went to the site to take a look and almost immediately dismissed it. I generally dislike anything that breaks the way people receive e-mail (like challenge-response systems for example). I did go read their How It Works page though, and some of the points they made showed me that the MailJedi folks have some interesting ideas.

The ability to change a message until it is actually read, or recall a message entirely definitely has real-life use cases. Avoiding mail size limits is handy as well.

All in all, this isn’t something I’ll use – but it’s worth taking a look at and it’s worth thinking about. E-mail as we know it is broken in many ways, and it’s good that there are people out there trying to improve it.