Tasks Pro™ 1.6 and Tasks 2.6 Released!

I have released Tasks Pro™ 1.6 and Tasks 2.6 – they are available for download immediately from the King Design download page and free trials and demos are also immediately available.

Tasks Pro™: Online Demo, Free Trial

Tasks: Online Demo, Free Trial

These releases add a number of great features:

  • Create tasks from e-mails. Tell Tasks Pro™/Tasks to check a mailbox and any e-mails sent to that mailbox will be turned into tasks. You can even set the task priority, date due, etc..
  • (Unofficial) Support for PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server. Already running PostgreSQL or MS SQL Server? No more need to install MySQL as well.
  • Parent tasks are always visible. In lists and other non-hierarchical views, the name of the parent task is now visible (without having to turn on the full task hierarchy display option).
  • Auto-check for updates. There is now an option to check for updated releases every 7 days. You can choose to have it check for full releases and for pre-release versions as well.
  • Purge deleted tasks. A button in the Server Settings allows you to permanently remove deleted tasks from the database.
  • Post to LIveJournal. You can now post to your LiveJournal blog directly from Tasks Pro™/Tasks.
  • MySQL 5 support. Tasks Pro™ and Tasks are now compatible with MySQL 5 strict (as well as MySQL 3.23 and MySQL 4.x).
  • Internationalized. Available immediately in 4 languages: English, French, Japanese and Norwegian, with more coming soon.

I think people are really going to like the new features in these releases – and there were a number of other enhancements and refinements added that should make using the software even more enjoyable.

Use Tasks accounts will be upgraded as soon as all needed language files are available for the .6 releases.

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