Tasks Pro™ 1.6.1 and Tasks 2.6.1 Released

Ah, the inevitable .1 releases. 🙂

These are bug fix releases, addressing issues found in the Tasks Pro™ 1.6 and Tasks 2.6 releases.

Changes in both Tasks Pro™ and Tasks:

  • “Forgot Password” feature works properly.
  • Future recurring tasks are properly deleted upon request.
  • The syntax in the last 2 CRON examples in the documentation for checking mailboxes has been corrected.
  • The included PHP iCalendar has been updated to version 2.21.

Changes in Tasks Pro™ only:

  • Viewing task templates by group (in the popup) works properly.
  • Editing user permissions after selecting a group works properly.

My sincere thanks to all the users who took the time to report these issues – you’ve helped me make my software better and I appreciate it.

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