Tasks Pro™ 1.6.2 and Tasks 2.6.2 Released

I’ve posted additional maintenence releases of Tasks Pro™ and Tasks. These release fix reported bugs in the previous .6 releases.

Changes in both Tasks Pro™ and Tasks:

  • Annual recurring tasks are created properly.
  • iCalendars properly include completed tasks.
  • The “Server Time Difference” setting is used for the Upcoming screen.
  • When deleting a parent task, apply changes to sub-tasks to future recurrences as well.
  • Only show one message when there is a new release.
  • Mobile interface has a “Today” view on the Upcoming screen.

Changes in Tasks Pro™ only:

  • Notes are no longer promoted to top level items on the home screen, when looking at your user view.
  • Fix display issue in Safari.
  • Filtering templates by groups works properly.

Changes in Tasks only:

  • If not using built-in authentication, changes to preferences were not used when creating new sessions.
  • Remove extra “e-mail notification” option from Preferences.

There is a database upgrade required in this update for users that had previously used version prior to 1.6 and 2.6 respectively. You’ll be prompted to go through the install script after upgrading and logging out. Choose the “Upgrade from a previous version” option and remember to back up your data first.

All Use Tasks accounts have been upgraded to the latest version.

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