I spent pretty much the entire day at “networking” events. I started at the Front Range Brainjam event (thanks Dave, Derek and Brad for putting this together) and ended at the Denver Tech Meetup (thanks Steve for organizing).

The Brainjam event was the first of its kind that I’d attended. Some of the things people were working on was of interest to me, others not so much. It was pretty diverse. I was pleased to meet a few folks I had known only by reputation, and enjoyed hearing perspectives on topics that I don’t often think about.

The second Denver Tech Meetup1 was definitely the place to be this evening. I think the last meetup had 12-15 attendees and tonight’s probably had 25-30. A great turnout.

I had the pleasure of meeting Cote, and Danny (who I’d met at the Brainjam) made it down as well. Danny is working on some very cool stuff, check out PocketFuzz.

Being in “meetings” all day today reminded me of a poster an old co-worker had in her cube:

Meetings, the practical alternative to work.

Not that the events weren’t worthwhile – quite the contrary. I met some interesting people, and found out about some cool projects going on right here in the area. It just reminded me how easy it can be to fill an entire day without doing much development. I haven’t really had a day like this since I left the BigCo world, moved here to Denver and went solo.

  1. We’ll get a proper web site up at some point. 🙂 [back]