Anyone Know a Sprint Rep?

The Sprint CSR I talked to today told me that it’s impossible to switch the primary phone number on a shared plan1. I’m having trouble accepting this; it seems like the sort of thing that could be done if someone cared enough to make it happen.

I don’t think that what I’m trying to do is that difficult. There are three lines (phone numbers) on my current plan. All I want to do is make the primary phone number on the account line B instead of line A so that I can move the phone number for line A (then re-activate line A with a different number) without cancelling the entire plan for all the lines. If I’m not able to do this, instead of moving just the one phone number I might have to cancel the entire account and move all three (which I’d rather not do).

Anyone know someone at Sprint that I could talk to?

UPDATE: Resolution in the comments.

  1. I also asked “What happens if I move and want to just change the phone number?” The answer was that I can’t do that without cancelling the current plan and getting a new plan – this seems unlikely to me. [back]