I’ll be in Italy for the next two weeks. 😎

The first week will be spent in San Gimignano where we will be attending the wedding of good friends. The second week will be spent in Rome and Florence, doing the tourist thang.

This will be my first trip across the pond, so I’ve been doing my required Rick Steves reading and am doing my best to travel light. I haven’t left yet, but at the moment I’m in just one carry on bag and am taking my Canon G5 instead of my DSLR and 2 lenses. I might waffle on that and add a day pack with the DSLR before I leave.

An experienced traveller friend of mine offered these words of wisdom:

Don’t be nervous and don’t try to control your environment. Just go with the flow.

We always expect a “trip disaster” and it usually happens. Just laugh and say “this is it” when it happens.

Sounds like good advice to me.

As far as work goes, Scott will be taking care of FeedLounge and King Design will be (officially) closed. I’m bringing my little laptop and I expect to have at least BlackBerry coverage the second week of the trip, but the first week my ‘net connection may be sporadic to non-existent. In the event I’m completely cut off for any length of time and can’t process orders, etc., Scott will be covering for me (again). Thanks Scott!