We’re currently testing Mailroom for the Use Tasks service. The main benefit for us in using a system like this is that it gives us easy visibility into what the other person has done regarding a customer request, etc. – no more doubled replies to the user or wondering if the other fellow responded on an issue or not.

While this does have a bit of a 1.0 feel to it, it’s a very good service. The only significant negative so far for us is the pricing structure. We handle all “how-to” support in the forums so that the forums become a public knowledgebase for our users so the only time we’re dealing with e-mail is for billing and account management issues.

I’d say an average month might have 20-40 e-mails. Since we need more than one user of the system, we are in the minimum account that supports multiple users, at $20/month. Some months, this comes out to $1/e-mail, which is a little high.

Hopefully the Mailroom folks will consider adding a lower priced option between their free and $20/month accounts. My personal recommendation would be to take the free account and make the following changes:

  • up to 5 users
  • no ads on e-mails

and charge $5/month for it. We’d shell out for that without even thinking about it. As it is, we have a decision to make when we get to the end of our trial period.