You Can Use A MacBook Pro Power Adapter With a MacBook

I did pick up a MacBook on Friday, though I barely had time to unpack it and start setting it up before all hell broke loose. 🙂

Today I was able to do a little more set up and follow up on a few things I’d had questions about – one of which being the extra power adapter I picked up at the Apple Store1.

The MacBook uses a 60 Watt power adapter and the power adapter they sold me was actually the 85 Watt MacBook Pro power adapter. Despite reading that it was unlikely to cause any harm, I was a little hesitant to actually use the thing.

Today I placed a call to an EE friend of mine and he helped me find the confirmation that it is OK to use the 85W MacBook Pro power adapter with the MacBook.

Both power adapters have the input and output levels printed on them in small print. The 60W MacBook power adapter shows output levels of 16.5V – 3.65A. The 85W MacBook Pro adapter shows output levels of both 18.5V – 4.6A and 16.5V – 3.65A. There is no switch that I can see, so it must auto-sense the proper voltage.

This is particularly nice because it means I won’t have to buy another adapter when I get a MacBook Pro sometime in the future.

Hopefully this will post get picked up by the search engines and the information will be helpful to others with the same question.

  1. I really like being able to leave one plugged in at my desk, nicely threaded through my cable trays. [back]