Tethering via Boot Camp

Though I badly want to be able to use my BlackBerry as a modem for my MacBook in Mac OS X (bounty is up to $105!), I can use the BlackBerry as a modem for the MacBook now if I boot into Windows via Boot Camp.

This ability was one of the major reasons for me to go ahead and upgrade to the MacBook. I can do most everything I need to on the go from my BlackBerry, but it I must I can get connected by booting into Windows. This allowed me to cancel my $40/month Sprint EVDO service (which was a great convenience, but frankly I didn’t use it often enough to justify the expense).

Now I’ve been tipped that I might be able to get a normal T-Mobile phone that supports DUN1, move the SIM card into it and use the other phone as a modem when I need to. This might be worth looking into, though SIM card juggling isn’t the most convenient of solutions. Has anyone done this? What is a good phone to use for it?

  1. I assume this stands for “Dial-up Networking”. [back]