BlackBerry Bounty Question

I received this question about my BlackBerry Bounty today:


I noticed that Verizon was omitted in the rules portion of the tethering to a Mac bounty. Is there a reason for this? I just switched to a BB 7130E from a Treo 650, and would love to use it as a modem for my Powerbook.

2 basic reasons:

  1. Getting things working on one device first (the 8700) keeps it nice and simple. T-Mobile and Cingular have very similar network settings.
  2. Lower barrier to success for a developer to “win”. Getting devices to test with on all carriers is a pain and CDMA isn’t available overseas.

However, once anyone gets *anything* working on *any* BlackBerry, it should be a very short jump (mainly getting the configuration settings right) to getting them *all* working.

Incidentally, the bounty is up to $175. If you’re a Mac user and a BlackBerry user, please consider contributing.