Vienna Teng at the Walnut Room

As planned, I went to Vienna Teng‘s concert at the Walnut Room1 this evening.

I’ve seen Vienna perform a few times in smaller venues, but not since I’d moved to Denver from the Bay Area in 2004.

As you would expect, her performance skills have matured quite a bit after spending the last few years on the road. She seems completely confident and at ease on stage, and her voice is strong and true.

She played a lot of the tunes from her new CD, which definitely has a different feel than her earlier albums. Adam has a nice write-up about the album on his blog.

If you haven’t seen her perform live and you enjoy her music, you really need to make sure you catch this tour.

Besides the great show, it was a treat to see Eric2 again as well. Eric had the forethought to bring his camera, so perhaps we’ll get some photos from the show on Flickr or his blog. Also, great job on the new site Eric!

  1. Nice venue, the French Dip sandwich was tasty as well. [back]
  2. Yes, the infamous “the other Eric”, or if you prefer, “the all-powerful god of sex Eric”. [back]