Tasks Pro™ 1.7 beta 3 and Tasks 2.7 beta 3

I’ve released beta 3 of Tasks Pro™ 1.7 and Tasks 2.7. This release includes a number of changes based on the feedback received on the tagging functionality, as well as a number of tweaks and bug fixes. I look forward to your feedback on these adjustments.

Some of the changes include:

  • Option to turn off tagging completely.
  • Option to hide tags if none exist for a task/note (tag edit icon appears as you mouse over task).
  • Add tags to RSS Feeds.
  • Add tags to iCalendars.
  • Add RSS Feeds of tags.
  • Add iCalendars of tags.
  • Add tags to task templates.
  • Add tags to recurring tasks.
  • Ability to globally edit tag names.
  • Ability to globally delete tags.
  • Ability to set/add tags to multiple tasks in list edit form.
  • Added ‘completed’ class to completed tasks for use in themes.
  • Updated to latest ADOdb release (version 4.91).

Lots of changes here, so some stuff may have gotten broken in the process. My standard pre-release disclaimer applies:

Please note: this is a pre-release software. It almost certainly has some bugs, and could behave in unexpected ways. Make a backup before you upgrade. Also, there is no documentation yet for the new features that have been added. You have been warned. 🙂

The beta mailing lists are still down from the server meltdown, so please use the Beta Discussion forums to discuss these pre-releases with other customers.

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