Leopard Thoughts

Apple’s WWDC keynote announcements yesterday about Leopard have been talked about pretty much everywhere, but there are a few things I wanted to touch on:

I was asked, so I’ll answer. I don’t see the ToDos and Notes implementation in Mail.app as a competitor to Tasks. My target audience is generally “folks who want to access their task list from multiple computers (and even multiple OSes) and want a good interface and some sophisticated functionality”. I don’t see the ToDos feature satisfying this market. On the plus side, perhaps some new folks will try managing their task list on their computer, realize they need more, and find Tasks. 🙂
Time Machine
Do people realize the hard drive space implications here? Also, sad to see a number of small developers lose so much income as their products are essentially dead.
There goes the major market for the existing virtual desktop apps. Hopefully some of them will stick around. I use You Control: Desktops for example because it has a single killer feature.
E-mail Stationary
I am actually really annoyed about this. HTML e-mail is generally bad. Giving people tools to do bad things more easily is worse.
Leopard Server (Calendaring)
Everything they’ve added in the server is fantastic. Open sourcing the calendar server gives it a real chance IMO. Niall has a nice summary post.

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