Text Link Ads

A few folks mailed me about my Ads post, asking about my experiences. On this site I started off using Google AdSense, switched to Yahoo! Publisher Network, then switched back to AdSense again. Initially (when I switched) the Yahoo! ads were paying better that the Google ads, but the price per click on them dropped and I went back to AdSense (mainly because the relevance seemed better).

Along the way, I also added Text Link Ads1 (TLA).

Text Link Ads

These are a bit like whoring out your page rank – but they do pay well2. I have them on only 2 pages (I have AdSense on all pages) and sell 8 links per page. With those 16 links on the 2 pages I make about 4 times the monthly income I get from AdSense.

TLA has also been consistently upgrading their web site and making more and more options available to you as a publisher. You have options to change the # of links you sell per page, approve links before they appear on your site, update your site description and view your pages as potential ad buyers see them. I’d also add that each payment has been on time and deposited neatly in my PayPal account.

So, for the moment at least, I’ve got AdSense on all the pages and TLA on 2 pages. The income isn’t much, but it covers hosting and domain costs along with the occasional iTunes Music Store or eBay purchase. 🙂

  1. That link has a referrer ID in it, if you sign up I get a kickback. [back]
  2. Which is kind of the point, isn’t it? [back]