Docs, docs, docs

Writing documentation is not high up the “fun ways to spend my time” list. It is however, an important part of any software package – especially if you don’t have a support team. 🙂

Generally it is good practice to have someone who is not the developer write the docs; the developer is often too close to the product and can’t see their own blind spots. Perhaps in the future I’ll decide to outsource some of the documentation, but for now I’m who I’ve got to get this done.

One of the things I’ve added throughout the docs for this release is a “how to get to this screen” explanation on every screen page. More than once I’ve sent someone a link to the “new user” screen or similar only to get a reply asking how to get to that screen. So hopefully that is one blind spot I’ve taken care of.

Another couple of days and the docs should be pretty much done. Release candidates of Tasks Pro™ 1.7 and Tasks 2.7 should follow shortly.

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