Tasks Pro™ 1.7 rc1 and Tasks 2.7 rc1

Whoohoo! Release candidate 1 of Tasks Pro™ 1.7 and Tasks 2.7 is now available for download.

This has a few small changes since beta 6, notably:

  • Full documentation of new features!
  • iCalendar and RSS links are shown on the Tags screen.
  • Tag auto-complete works on sub-tasks that are expanded after the page is loaded.
  • Back to AJAX for loading tagged tasks on the Tags screen (got the tag auto-complete issues fixed that had prompted me to remove this).
  • Remove all DOS line endings from files.

If you are at all interested in the new features in these releases (tagging, closing notes option, font sizes, etc.), I recommend going ahead and upgrading to these new versions.

If anything seems wrong or odd or out of place in these releases – please let me know.

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