Signing E-mail With Initials

When did it become the :scare: in :/scare: thing to sign off your e-mails with just your initials (or even just one initial)?

I’m getting more and more e-mails that end with something like (using John Doe as the name in the example):

… Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.


or even a plain:

… Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.


Why am I seeing more and more of this?

Is this supposed to signify an informal relationship between the two people?

Perhaps the person is so busy and important that they don’t have time to type their entire name? (I even know some folks who have this as part of their auto-attached signature. What, too busy to type it even once?)

Or is it a cult of self-loathing, where these folks hate their names so much they can’t stand to see it in print? 😉

Chime in and pile on or, perhaps, defend yourself and :scare: educate :/scare: me in the comments…