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I flew back from Seattle1 to Denver tonight. Late last night I tried to use online check in (like I always do), but it didn’t work. It found my itenerary just fine, but when I selected it and hit the “Check In” button, it said something like:

Sorry, online check in is not allowed for this iterenary.

Strange, and a little concerning.

However, in the past when I’ve had some sort of on-line airline check-in issue and I’ve called the airline, they have told me that I have to go see an agent at the airport – that there isn’t anything they can do for me over the phone. So instead of calling, I just got to the airport in Seattle a little early to make sure I could get things taken care of.

This was a good call.

For some reason, the airline thought I had missed my flight from Denver to Seattle and had cancelled the return leg of my flight. I have no idea how this happened, but they were able to get it corrected.

If I hadn’t gotten to the airport early and the flight had been overbooked, I’d likely have been SOL. Next time I see an error message like that when I’m trying to do online check in, I’m definitely calling the airline – just in case.

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