BlackBerry Bounty Status

With just 5 short days left on the deadline for my bounty for tethering a BlackBerry 8700 to a Mac as a modem (bounty currently at $610 $675, please contribute!), there are suddenly a few rumblings. Perhaps someone will claim the bounty after all! Will anyone make the Sept. 30 deadline?

In the BlackBerry forums, one fellow has found a Linux app that could be ported to OS X. I’ve also been contacted by a couple of folks who say they are looking into it, but aren’t sure they’ll meet the deadline.

Let me clarify that the solution doesn’t need to be polished and published on Sept. 30th, it just has to be discovered and demonstrated to me. If you’re close and can demonstrate basic proof-of-concept1, that could be enough to extend the deadline a little as well.

If it takes fudging the deadline to get a working solution, that’s what I’ll do. But if no one can show they are close on Sept 30th, I’ll be issuing the refunds.

I’m really hoping to give this money away.

  1. Of course, whoever does it first, gets the bounty. [back]