BlackBerry Bounty Results – Sort Of

The September 30th deadline for my BlackBerry Bounty has arrived, and unfortunately I haven’t seen a working solution from any of the folks who are working on it.

I have, however, been in touch quite a bit this week with Daniel Pasco. Daniel has been working feverishly to meet the bounty deadline, and I’ve used a pretty darn interesting looking proof of concept app he put together.

He’s confident that he can get the kinks worked out and have a solution within a week or so. He’s looking at a few different solutions to the main issue he’s run into, and I believe he’ll be able to solve it and get things working.

If he succeeds within the next week, I plan to award him the bounty money. If you contributed to the bounty and wish to receive a refund instead, let me know and I will honor my promise to refund per the terms I originally stated.