IE 7 Support

With IE 7 out, I’ll be taking a little time (another week or so) to make sure the new versions of Tasks Pro™ and Tasks don’t have any issues there before the upcoming releases. A slight delay, but probably a worthwhile one. I haven’t seen any isues yet in my light testing, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.

If you are running a .7 pre-release and see any IE 7 issues, please let me know or post in the forums.

On a somewhat related note, IE 6 CSS tweaks for 2.0 only took an hour or so. I guess I’m getting better at avoiding IE 6 CSS issues. 😉 Kudos to Microsoft for not needing any of these layout tweaks1 in IE 7 – amazing, IE 7 renders a pure XHTML/CSS layout just like Firefox and Safari does. Whoohoo!

  1. It did need a couple of slight styling tweaks and I had to disable a feature for IE users. [back]

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