FastMail Down, Again

FastMail, my e-mail provider (which I am no longer recommending), has had my account down for most of the day Friday and it looks like the downtime will continue through the weekend. This downtime is more problematic to me than their last partial outage, since this one affects my main account. I was hopeful that their last disaster would prompt them to get reasonable disaster recovery plans in place – it appears not.

I’m looking into alternative e-mail hosting options (TuffMail, Zimbra, etc.), however I probably won’t be able to set anything up until after my vacation. Feel free to post suggestions e-mail hosting suggestions (including referral links) in the comments. Minimum requirements include:

  • Solid track-record for reliability and uptime
  • 1 GB disk space (currently use ~600MB)
  • 500 MB monthly transfer (with ability to purchase more as needed)
  • IMAP support
  • Spam Assassin and Sieve support, or equivilent
  • Rule-based forwarding
  • SSL access
  • “Any port access” via a proxy server
  • Import/migrate from existing account/mailbox functionality

The timing is pretty bad since I’m out of WIFI and EVDO range through the weekend and can’t do much to set up alternative solutions (Pulse works, but is slow). Special thanks to Scott for helping get a copy of my mail forwarding to my Gmail account as a stop-gap.

My apologies for :scare: ignoring :/scare: any mail sent to me today, but I won’t be able to retrieve it until FastMail brings my account back. Please re-send if a message you sent to me today was urgent.